Tip #1315: How to remove Field Service from Dynamics 365

Disclaimer for Ben Vollmer: We love field service. If it was food, we would eat it at every meal.

That out of the way, sometimes you find yourself with solutions in your environment that you don’t need. Maybe you set up a trial of Dynamics 365 and you accidentally chose the “I want it all” option and wound up with a bunch of managed solutions in your environment. This can be bad, as any solution you develop in this environment will have a dependency on these solutions, requiring you to install them before you can move your solution.

If you find yourself in this situation, you will want to remove these solutions from your environment. But that can be challenging, as many of these apps install multiple solutions in your environment.

In this video tip, I show you how to determine the order in which these solutions should be removed and then successfully uninstall field service from a Dynamics 365 environment.

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I removed Field Service and lived to tell the tale

I did see the Skyline Consulting blog on this topic, but it is outdated as the solutions are now different.

Tips for uninstalling first-party apps:

  1. Sort solutions in descending order–that generally tells you which solutions to remove first
  2. Remove patch solutions before removing the main solutions
  3. When in doubt, go to the components list in classic solution manager, select one of the entities in the app and click “solution layers.” This gives you information about the layers, remove the higher layers first.
  4. When you hit a dependency notice when deleting the solution, remove the dependency, then delete the solution.

The following is the order of operations from the video:

  • msdyn_FieldServiceTrial
  • msdyn_FieldServiceGeofencing
  • Remove Geofencing SDK step
  • msdyn_Geofencing_Patch_1
  • msdyn_IoTHealth
  • msdyn_IoTProviders_Patch_1
  • IoTProviders
  • msdyn_CFS_Patch_1
  • ConnectedFieldService
  • msdyn_IoT_Patch_1
  • IoTConnector
  • msdynce_FieldServiceHealth
  • msdyn_FieldService_Patch_6
  • remove msdyn_/Utils/head.js from user form
  • remove msdyn_/Utils/head1.0.3.js from contact form
  • FieldService

Cover photo by unsplash-logoOlga Guryanova

One thought on “Tip #1315: How to remove Field Service from Dynamics 365

  1. Florent says:

    Hey, is there a reason why I cannot see those solutions in Dynamics ?
    I can see them in Solution History (XrmToolBox) but have not access to them in config. They seem to be hidden in Dynamics and thus I am unable to delete any of them.
    Could this be because I am not global admin on the tenant ?

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