Tip #1311: Use entity name in Flow lookups

If you are building your Flows from solutions and connecting to Common Data Service, you should use the CDS (current environment) connector.

When you do, if you populate lookup fields, you might get a “resource not found” error message.

If you get this error, like I did, you are probably just putting the guid of the record in the lookup field. You need to also include the entity name in your reference.

Once you do, your lookup field should populate properly. Thanks to David Yack and Antti Pajunen for this tip.

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12 thoughts on “Tip #1311: Use entity name in Flow lookups

  1. Dustin Beckwith says:

    From my findings so far, this is specifically the plural version of the entity schemaname. So, if you have a custom entity, it can be confusing.

    Ex: A custom activity entity called “Research”. Schema name is xxx_Research. This fix in a Flow would need xxx_researchs(record guid)

  2. Linn Zaw Win says:

    How to set null value to a lookup field using the CDS (current environment) connector?

  3. jack beyant says:

    I had a little confusion!
    The guid is string type,
    Can I set the lookup field like this?
    campaigns(Record Guid ) — Record Guid got from powerapps request params

    campaigns([{id:”id”,”name”:”record name”,”entityType”:”entity logicName”}])

  4. Mickey Mouse says:

    Wow. How very Microsoft of them to make it behave that way in one version of the connector but entirely differently in the other. Oh and to document that behavior so well to boot.

  5. Andrea says:

    Amazing, thanks!

    I work with a lot of custom tables and lookup fields: does this trick work follows all english plural rules like -s, -es, -ies?
    For example i have a schema name “ChecklistStatus”… should it become “checkliststatuses”?

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