Tip #1306: Business rules do not work on editable grid

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Do you know that business rules (scope = entity) work on editable grids? Pick one of the following answers:

  1. Nope didn’t know but will try it out right before putting my kids to bed!
  2. Yeah but it’s really buggy so I try to avoid it…
  3. Yup and I abuse them!

If your answer is anything between 1 to 2, here’s a quick tip to keep in mind:

Business Rules will only work if the conditional field is also a column on the grid.

If the field is not a column then the BR won’t work…

BR with conditional field on Created On field

BR with conditional field on Task field

Cover photo by Miguel Constantin Montes from Pexels

One thought on “Tip #1306: Business rules do not work on editable grid

  1. Nathan says:

    This doesn’t apply to an editable grid on a Dashboard

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