Tip #1306: Business rules do not work on editable grid

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Do you know that business rules (scope = entity) work on editable grids? Pick one of the following answers:

  1. Nope didn’t know but will try it out right before putting my kids to bed!
  2. Yeah but it’s really buggy so I try to avoid it…
  3. Yup and I abuse them!

If your answer is anything between 1 to 2, here’s a quick tip to keep in mind:

Business Rules will only work if the conditional field is also a column on the grid.

If the field is not a column then the BR won’t work…

BR with conditional field on Created On field

BR with conditional field on Task field

Cover photo by Miguel Constantin Montes from Pexels

4 thoughts on “Tip #1306: Business rules do not work on editable grid

  1. Nathan says:

    This doesn’t apply to an editable grid on a Dashboard

    • Jim says:


      Some time has passed, so is there a way to lock some editable grid fields on a Dashboard without code?

      Thank you,


  2. chava says:

    thank you for the tip

  3. AparnaD says:

    It works fine on Page 1 of the Editable grid. Naviagting to Page 2 unlocks the fields.
    Any work-arounds.. please suggest!

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