Tip #1294: Export solution before running solution checker


If you are getting “Couldn’t Complete” message from the solution checker, verify you can export the solution before running the solution checker. That way you’ll be able to see what’s wrong instead of an unhelpful “couldn’t complete” message.

Today’s tip is from Andrew Wolfe. Got a tip? Send it to jar@crmtipoftheday.com.


I created a solution recently in a test system and ran the solution checker but I constantly got a “Couldn’t Complete” message.  I logged this with Microsoft who, as ever, needed to see me run the checker and see the message before they’d look for what was wrong.  The answer from Microsoft in the logs was:

Microsoft.Crm.CrmException: Failed to export Business Process "Compliments Process" because solution does not include corresponding Business Process entity "aaw_complimentsprocess". If this is a newly created Business Process in Draft state, activate it once to generate the Business Process entity and include it in the solution.

So I tried exporting the solution as unmanaged and got the same error message as Microsoft had found.  My BPF was published but I used “Add Required Components” to add the associated entity.  I then tested that I could export the solution, this time it worked and then the solution checker could also complete and give me a set of results. So check you can export a solution before you run solution checker as that way you’ll be able to see what’s wrong rather than a just couldn’t complete message.

5 thoughts on “Tip #1294: Export solution before running solution checker

  1. Mike Huguet says:

    Apologies to you Andrew. We are fixing the UI messaging issue. That message actually should be a link that you click that takes you to our troubleshooting documentation that tells you what the issue is. Here is the troubleshooting page: https://docs.microsoft.com/powerapps/maker/common-data-service/common-issues-resolutions-solution-checker

    Mike Huguet
    PowerApps Checker Tech Lead

    • Mike Huguet says:

      Sorry…this is incorrect information see my other comment. Due to the disconnected nature of the processing we don’t have access to the UI at the point that this happens. We may explore other options in the future, but we provide an alert in the Maker Portal and details in an email.

  2. Mike Huguet says:

    There should be a notification in the portal that is clickable that sends you to the troubleshooting docs page. It should also have been sent in an email to the original requestor.

    Mike Huguet
    PowerApp checker lead

  3. Merry Hunter says:

    Exporting the solution worked for me as well.

  4. François says:

    Thank you so much Andrew.
    3 years later, it is still possible to face the same issue.
    It starts to show up when you face a failure in publishing customizations, without any indication as to what the issue can be. Because it happens quite often that you have to give it more that one try to be able to publish customizations, you keep on wasting time giving it 2 or 3 more tries. As you keep on facing the same failure to publish, you end up executing the solution checker, which in turn fails to complete, without giving any reason for its failure.
    That’s only when I finally discovered this tip of yours that I tried to export my solution and got a message that clearly indicated what the origin of the issue was.

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