Tip #1274: My auto record creation rule isn’t creating cases

Yesterday an old friend stopped me with a question. How old is he? He knows how to update an isv.config file.

He had an email enabled queue set up and incoming emails were being created in the queue, but his auto record creation rule wasn’t turning the emails into cases.

I asked him to check if there were any other records like users that shared the same email address as the queue.

He identified that there was a user with the same email address as the queue, and after replacing the queue address with a unique email, the cases started creating successfully.

So what is happening here

Generally in D365/CDS, a record can be associated with only one queue. The exception to this is emails. An email can be associated with a queue item in both a user’s queue and another queue. By default all users have a personal queue.

So when an email comes in it is matched by email address to the queues to which it should be associated. The user queue gets set first, so the auto case creation rule ignores it in the other queue.

Lesson learned: Don’t give user’s and queues the same email address.

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