Tip #127: Test CRM for Tablets from a PC browser

So you want to test CRM for tablets, but don’t have a tablet? No problem.

You can open the CRM for Tablets user interface in a web browser. This is handy for testing how your configuration will look in CRM for tablets. The following works with Chrome browser.

First, log in to CRM using the desired user credentials. Then, in another tab enter the following:


Replace “orgname” with your CRM organization name. You may get a warning that it cannot be accessed via a web browser, but after clicking “ok,” it should work.

30 thoughts on “Tip #127: Test CRM for Tablets from a PC browser

  1. tmercer says:

    Doesn’t seem to work. Just sits there with the message “Please wait here while we get things ready for you..”

    • Joel Lindstrom says:

      it works in every environment I’ve tried it in. Make sure you log in first in another tab, use Chrome (doesn’t work in other browsers), and if you get the please wait screen, just wait–don’t do anything else or switch to other tabs.

      It also takes longer right after customizations have been published.

      • Piia says:

        I had the same problem. Then I fixed it by replaceing the orgname for all three instances, also the crm might need to be crm4 (for Europe) or crm5 (for Asia).

        • piyush dudhatra says:

          First you need to replace org name with your instance’s org name then need to replace “crm” with “crm8” for india or whatever the country you have selected while set upping the CRM

          you can take below example

          https://[country wise CRM number].[country wise CRM number].dynamics.com/nga/main.htm?org=[your org name]&server=https://[your org name].[country wise CRM number].dynamics.com


          [your org name] = your organisation name
          [country wise CRM number] = depending on country.

    • Chris Groh says:

      In addition to checking that you’ve changed the org name in all three places, you need to be logged into the CRM org before you visit the mobile URL.

  2. […] a cool tip about testing CRM for Tablets from my fellow tipster Joel, I figured that if anyone knows your URL and orgname, it’d be […]

  3. […] a cool tip about testing CRM for Tablets from my fellow tipster Joel, I figured that if anyone knows your URL and orgname, it’d be […]

  4. RajYRaman says:

    Is this working post-SP1?

  5. Learner says:

    Hi, can anybody please tell me, what will be the url ( for accessing CRM for mobile via browser) for an on-premise deployment.
    (suppose my server url is http://myserver/myorg/main.aspx)

    And also, where can I find this url in the application?

    Thanks in advance!

  6. Nick says:

    I have CRM 2015 On-Prem with https certificates and we do not have fqdn security.

    For me the URL doesn’t work. Can any body assist whether without fqdn does that work??

    I can see the tablet balck shell layout , but just errors. if i hit ok few times then that’s it. no data displayed.

    • Joel Lindstrom says:

      I just tried it today with the latest versions of Chrome and Firefox for Windows, and it works. IE it does not work in. If it doesn’t work for you, I recommend resetting your browser. BTW this will be unnecessary after the Fall release/CRM 2016, as it includes the ability to preview form configurations in the mobile form, both phone and tablet.

  7. Victor says:

    Hi Joel, thanks for a great tip! I’ve tried CRM for tablets in on my org recently, and I’m never coming back, because it is blazing fast. No, IT IS IMPRESSIVELY INSANELY FASTER, THAN ORDINARY SITE.

    No, seriously, I think you should repeat our post, and suggest everyone to try. Because unless people have some unsupported customizations, using CRM for tablets will save them a lot of time. I actually started enjoying using it.

    Funny thing it is rated badly in AppStore, because of the authentication problems, which I never have when using CRM for tablets from browser.

  8. Avik says:

    I just tried using it on IE 11 for a On-Prem deployment.
    I works fine here.

    The URL design is :


    I use http as it On-Premise and falls under the Intranet Domain

  9. Avik says:

    Oops ! I think some of the content is stripped

    org=[Organization Name]
    &server=http://[ServerName]/[Organization Name]

  10. Vilas says:

    Hi Joel , it works great in all the browsers , I tried , but u have to login to CRM from browser before you user this as APP.
    can we authenticate this somehow in this URL ?

    so I can skip additional step of login into CRM before I use this ?



  11. Premkumar says:

    Is there any simulator available to test CRM for mobile from PC browser?

  12. Zafar Mir says:

    Cool. This is a great help while developing mobile apps

  13. Mickelino says:

    Adding &phone=true at the end also lets you try out the phone experience.

  14. Rajeev says:

    It works for me thanks

  15. Martin says:

    Hi there,
    I’m using D365 OnPremise without IFD.

    No URL is working for.

    Any advise?

  16. Nishant says:

    It is working for me for D365 , need little change as below

    https://[orgname].crm.dynamics.com/nga/main.htm?org=%5BUnique Name from Developer Resources]&server=https://[orgname].crm.dynamics.com

  17. Chandru says:

    I have tried the below url in chrome browser..but its alwaying loading only.


    I cleared the browser cache and again tried … but still its showing loading

  18. Paul Way says:

    This does not appear to work with v9. When accessing, there is an error of

    TypeError: Cannot read property ‘push’ of null at ApplicationCache.e

    Looking at the JavaScript, the error seems to happen when attempting to post to https://crminsights.crm.dynamics.com/api/crminsightseventdata

    The console shows: Refused to get unsafe header “REQ_ID”

    Organizational Insights does not seem to impact either way. I’m not sure why it’s trying to post to crminsights as this is not my org.

  19. Dan says:

    any tips for how to emulate the new Dynamics 365 (Preview) app in the browser? The new app has offline functionality and running in browser would help with testing. Thanks

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