Tip #1268: Restrict CDS instance creation

With P2 licensing, can you control who can spin up a CDS instance via Azure Active Directory since each license comes with 2 CDS instances? (we don’t want hundreds of CDS instances cluttering up our tenant)

The question from an enterprise business size UG member, generously relayed to us by Jerry “Forever Tipster” Weinstock

Via set-TenantSettings example towards end of the post

David F Yack


How to govern environment creation

Download and install the admin powershell cmdlets as described here. Read more about our cmdlets here.

$settings = @{ DisableEnvironmentCreationByNonAdminUsers = $true }
Set-TenantSettings $settings

Note for PowerApps/Flow customers – If you use the new flag to restrict the environment creation, only tenant admin will have the ability to create new environments.

Personally, I like the suggestion that the default should be Opt-in not Opt-out. Or, as one of the commentators put it succinctly:

How quickly can I change that setting to false

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One thought on “Tip #1268: Restrict CDS instance creation

  1. Reza says:

    This is now a setting in power platform adminc center.

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