Tip #1266: Sign out of Skype when forced to Teams

Anyone have any idea how to log out of Skype when your only option is to “Go to Teams”?

Daryl “Always Raising” LaBar

Why would you need to do that? This is my story. I had two Skype accounts: one from my company and another one from, uhm, a partner. I was signed into Skype as my own account and, after we got upgraded to Teams, I would face “Great news – go to Teams” message every time I start Skype. Didn’t give it a second thought. Until, one day, I received an invitation from the partner to join a Skype call and I had to do that using my partner login. So I needed to sign out of Skype which was not possible because it would kick me straight over to Teams. Which is exactly what Daryl was facing.

Oh man, I wish I could remember exactly the magic combo I used to accomplish that (Skype stuck on the team account and I needed the other one). I used the command line switches plus temporarily blocking sign in url (like disconnect your network adapter).

The Enabler

Go to airplane mode, and when it says trying to sign in, you can cancel


Moral of the story: when everything is going down the drain, pretend you are offline.

Cover photo by unsplash-logoPeter Pryharski

One thought on “Tip #1266: Sign out of Skype when forced to Teams

  1. MC says:

    Thanks, this helped me out. I was testing an account moving it to Teams only and panicked that I couldn’t log out and sign back in with my main account.

    They really need to make it easier to swap between accounts for admins especially during a transition period.

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