Tip #125: The wait is over

This week has all been about workflows and waiting. To finish it off, we’d like to present a short video demonstrating how to schedule a long running process (sending anniversary gifts to contacts in this case) without creating a bunch of forever waiting workflows. It’s done by using wonderful solution by Lucas Alexander.

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We also added two new tags that over time, hopefully, will grow into new streams of thoughts.

nocode — throwing plug-in at a problem is not always the best solution; it probably will get the job done but the cost will be high and flexibility will suffer. That does not mean that coding is bad, reuse of good code is perfectly acceptable.

shoestring — not everything needs to cost an arm a a leg. It is possible to create flexible and inexpensive solutions by being smart, by reusing code and third-party solutions, both free and reasonably priced ones. Save your energy for what really matters.

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