Tip #1237: Access D365 admin center when you are not O365 admin

If you need to go to the instance selector to manage one of the Microsoft solutions but you are not an O365 admin, you can’t go through the O365 admin portal. No sweat, go to Power platform admin center and you can get to the Dynamics 365 instance managers from there. In fact, to paraphrase:

All admin centers are equally represented

John Bender

Thank you Joel Lindstrom for the tip (since he could’t be bothered writing it himself)

Cover photo by Brooke Lark

2 thoughts on “Tip #1237: Access D365 admin center when you are not O365 admin

  1. Sam Clements says:

    Unfortunately the Power Platform Admin page is not yet available for delegated admins. Always helpful that Microsoft adds new tools for partners, but frustrating when it’s not thought all the way through!

  2. Aleix Ruiz says:

    You can also access D365 admin center through https://port.crm4.dynamics.com/G/Instances/InstancePicker.aspx if you are not Office365 admin.

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