Tip #1233: Make connections via quick create

Anyone ever use any voodoo to make Quite Create from connections/stakeholders?

Experienced customizer

(pretending I am Joel – t.j.)

If your question is how to make connections via Quick Create, I’ve created a custom entity that creates connections using workflow. You could show that via Quick Create form.

Connections are useful but have notoriously bad user experience. We’ve been dealing with them using dialogs since 1957. Now it’s workflow. I guess we are all waiting for a magic that would enable us to create a PowerApps custom control to deal with this abomination.

Cover photo by unsplash-logoisrael palacio

2 thoughts on “Tip #1233: Make connections via quick create

  1. Joe says:

    Except that it seems not possible to create a lookup to Connection Role from the custom entity…

    • Hey Joe,

      not sure I understand. You don’t create a lookup, you enable custom entity for connections. Which, in turn, will create required lookup(s).


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