Tip #1227: Use CDS instead of Dynamics 365 connector in Flow

People have been reporting that Dynamics 365 triggers in Flow are not consistent. Sometimes they fire twice, sometimes not at all, sometimes they fire after a manual test run. There are some other weird side-effects I did not even look into. Why? Because of one of them quick tips.

Where possible, use Common Data Service connector instead of Dynamics 365 one.


There is literally not much to add. Yes, CDS connector does have some functionality yet to be completed, hence “where possible” disclaimer.

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7 thoughts on “Tip #1227: Use CDS instead of Dynamics 365 connector in Flow

  1. Paul Owen says:

    I have a case open with Microsoft because of issues with the Dynamics 365 connector and they recommended to use CDS, however CDS is a premium connector.

  2. Hi Paul,

    that’s true but that only affects users on O365 Flow licenses. My bet is that eventually Dynamics 365 connector will go away. Just look at what happened to HTTP connector.


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