Tip #1206: View any Dynamics 365 record on a calendar

I want to see a calendar of my opportunities based on estimated close date (or other date field on the opportunity record). Can I do that, or do I need to license a third party add-on?

Sales Manager

If you use unified interface, you can display any record in a calendar view via the calendar control.

  1. Go to Settings->Customization->Customize the System
  2. Open the configuration for the entity that you want to use the calendar control (Opportunities in our example)
  3. Click the View tab
  4. Click “Add Control” and select the calendar control.
  5. Click the dot for every interface from which you want the calendar control to be available.

You will then need to map the calendar fields to the desired values. For example, if you want the date to be based on estimated close date, you would select estimatedclosedate for the Start date.

The view for opportunities in unified interface will now show a calendar based on the selected view.

How do I switch to the normal list view?

To switch back to the list of records, click the “…” button on the command bar, and select read only or editable grid (if enabled) to toggle to the normal list view.

I have multiple date fields that I would like to display on the calendar–can I do that?

The calendar control properties allow you to specify two different date fields–start date and end date. If you have two dates that are sequentially related, such as schedule date and installation date, you can map both of these values, and that will determine the time block duration of the item on the calendar view. If you have multiple unrelated dates or want to have different views displaying different dates, the calendar control is not designed to work that way.

6 thoughts on “Tip #1206: View any Dynamics 365 record on a calendar

  1. Niyati says:

    Nice Post !!
    Is this possible in D365 custom ?

  2. Eunice Park says:

    Hello, is it not possible to display custom activity entities this way?

    • Joel Lindstrom says:

      Follow the instructions in the post. Add the control to the activity entity. Does it work? Let us know when you try it

  3. Shruti says:

    Somehow it didn’t work with just this; only way it worked on dashboard was if we copy pasted in Iframe in dashboard ..then it was visible

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