Tip #1195: Your D365 V9 On Premise Questions Answered

We had a chance to check out Dynamics 365 v9 On Premise, and in the process answered some of our lingering questions.

Does v9 On Premise have Unified Interface?

Yes — Unified Interface is included in V9OP. You can create new model driven apps and select between web and classic UI. Note it is the 9.0.2 version of Unified Interface — some of the goodies like Advanced Find that are available in Unified Interface online are not available in V9OP. Also, configuration of the Outlook App Module is not available in V9OP.

What about mobile?

Since Unified Interface is available in V9OP, the mobile app experience will reflect the Unified Interface. Like with V9 Online, the Mobile Express forms are also gone.

Virtual entities

Virtual entities are supported in V9OP.

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