Tip #1169: Have a toast with variable timing

Just found something in Unified Interface under the cogwheel menu that I’ve never seen (or noticed) before and couldn’t find any references in the documentation:


Did I miss the memo? Toast? Where?

Shilpa Sinha, Principal PM at Microsoft explains:

This was added for Accessibility reasons. In accessibility compliance, there is a requirement called “timing adjustable” where if a timeout is happening and user needs to take some action, there should be a mechanism to increase the timeout 10 times so that users with cognitive disabilities have enough time to  take action. What are the Toast Notifications? This is the user  notification that pops up when an action is performed (Like creating a record from the quick create).


Tîpp Jäår $0.02

This looks like a good addition to the functionality, especially if you’re working with a client who cares about accessibility (as they all should but rarely do). The only thing worth of noting, in the words of Crocodile Dundee:


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