Tip #1166: Dynamic Help now included in Solutions errors

Troubleshooting solution errors has always been either somewhat a guessing game or painful tracking of the solution dependencies. I’m sure they are not fun to deal with for Microsoft support either.

Dana Martens, Supportability Program Manager at Microsoft, has some good news about Dynamic help. Yes, Dynamic not Dynamics. Read on.

The Solutions feature team recently introduced “dynamic help” capabilities to solution errors. This is now deployed globally to all version 9.x instances. If you are importing or deleting a solution and encounter an error, you should now see a help option. If we have a known solution to that specific error, the help option will direct you to the article we believe is most likely to help you solve that issue. Here are a couple examples of that experience:



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It’s a new feature and there are still some gaps, e.g. if the error happens after import starts after initial validations, the help option is not included. But these gaps are being closed as we speak. And the good news is that the implementation is indeed dynamic, meaning that new error codes and the scenarios will be linked to the help without any further code deployment.

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