Tip #1165: Consider Dynamics for More Than Just External Interactions

I just started a new job with PowerObjects. One thing you notice when you start a new job is how companies do things differently. In this case, it is how they manage their internal processes. Being exclusively focused on Dynamics, pretty much every employee is familiar with the product so it makes sense to use it as much as possible; less training, more familiarity.

When I asked how I request software for my new laptop, the answer was to raise a Service Request in Dynamics. Sure enough, I created the record in the right spot and the Dynamics gears kicked in to get someone in touch with me to help.

When it came to timesheets (yes, even in the new role I have to fill in the weekly timesheet) the answer was the same; go to Dynamics, go to Timesheet Entry and you are away.

In the past I have used Dynamics to track employee of the month nominations, health and safety floor inspections, and even travel requests. This is why it makes sense to consider Dynamics as a platform for processes more than simply a CRM system.

If you have Dynamics in your organisation to do the traditional sales, service, or marketing, think beyond the traditional and see what else this platform can do for you. You have little to lose and a lot to gain.

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