Tip #116: Prevent CRM for Outlook from getting disabled

When you use CRM for Outlook, occasionally something will happen, like a slow response from the server, and Outlook will ask the user if they want to disable the add-in. If the CRM add-in is disabled, CRM functionality will no longer be available from Outlook.

To prevent the add-in from being permanently disabled, you can use a registry script or group policy to enable the add-in if it is disabled.

The add-in enable behavior is controlled by the registry key hklm/software/microsoft/office/outlook/addins/crmaddin.addin/LoadBehavior

Setting it to 3 sets the addin to enabled

2 thoughts on “Tip #116: Prevent CRM for Outlook from getting disabled

  1. We have a client running CRM 2013, Windows 8, Office 2010. Brand new computer. Outlook keeps disabling the add in. Windows updates are current. Rollup 1 and 2 are on the computer installed. We have confirmed what you have suggested above. Still disabling addins. Any suggestions?

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