Tip #1149: Create custom schedule for your flows

Today’s tip is from Marius “flow like a river” Lind. (And you can also become a tipster by sending your tip to jar@crmtipoftheday.com)

A great man once asked,

can I set a custom schedule for when to run my flows?

The answer is yes, and like so many other solutions it involves nesting flows.

  1. First, create a flow which has a timer trigger, I created one which triggers once per month.
  2. Next, I create parallel branches inside this flow, for each branch you initialize a new variable.
  3. Now add a “do until” loop which says loop until variable equals whatever you need.
  4. Next you add a/multiple start flow action(s) which triggers the flow(s) in question.
  5. Add a delay action which delays for the time period you need.
  6. Finally add a variable incrementor.

Timed flow
Now you’ve got a flow scheduler which can start your flows in whatever fashion you need. Happy pillaging!

One thought on “Tip #1149: Create custom schedule for your flows

  1. John Liu says:

    The Flow Management action “Start Flow” or “Stop Flow” doesn’t actually trigger a Flow run. What it actually does is enable/disable that Flow.

    This can still work, but we need to use a Nested Flow pattern, and instead of calling Flow Management Start Flow, call the nested flow with a HTTP action posting to the trigger URL. The Flow we are calling would need a HTTP Request trigger.


    I suppose if the Flow we wanted to run had a default schedule/recurrence trigger it will immediately run within the next 5 minutes. But at a high risk of lots of repeated occurrence if not switched off.

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