Tip #11: Internet Explorer 11 and CRM mobile access

If you are one of the brave individuals who upgraded to Windows 8.1, you may find that Internet Explorer now has a new shiny version number — 11. Or, perhaps, you were game enough to download and install IE 11 for Windows 7. Since CRM 2011 has no clue what IE 11 is, it promptly redirects it to a mobile page, as it does with any unrecognized browsers. To get rich CRM UI we know and love, simply replace /m/default.aspx part of the URL with /main.aspx and then press Enter. And then add the page to favorites.

CRM 2013, on the other hand, happily opens in IE 11 (it still has no clue what IE 11 is but it now applies uniform principle “newer is better” across all browsers). To see how much better mobile interface has become, just do the reverse: replace /main.aspx (and the rest of the URL) with /m (do not add default.aspx, that part has changed). This comes handy when testing mobile forms or demonstrating new and improved mobile functionality. This functionality has been previously known as a mobile express and it has nothing to do with the native mobile apps available for CRM 2013.

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