Tip #1092: Chrome trick to make new field appear in the list

Browsers to Dynamics 365 are like a set of screwdrivers to a random screw. Sometimes you need a Phillips, sometimes – flathead, and on odd occasion HP hex is required. We already covered browsers war in the past but not a day goes by without a new discovery.

Consider, for example, today’s training session by yours truly. (I have to say that Dynamics training sessions are great – not only you get to share knowledge with the attendees, but more often than not, seasoned students gift a few nuggets). This afternoonDaniel patiently observed my struggle with Chrome, you know, the one where you edit a form, click New Field to add something on the fly only to discover that the field does not appear in the list, as it does in other browsers. I used to close and reopen the form to make the new field available but turns out that the solution is to click New Field again and then close the dialog without entering anything. Presto! – new field is now in the list. Thanks, man!

Morale of the story: when you can’t find the screwdriver to match the screw, drilling the bugger out always does the trick.

4 thoughts on “Tip #1092: Chrome trick to make new field appear in the list

  1. Mike S. says:

    Nice nugget. This has been a pain in the @*#$.

  2. Matt says:

    You can also just f5 the browser window as well. It’s mainly an annoyance if you are creating one field at a time, but if you are creating multiple you can create them all at first, hit save, then f5 and find the last one to put on the form.

  3. Pretty sure you can also click the “Save and New” button when creating the new field, then just close the window. It should refresh the field list on the underlying form designer.

  4. Nishant Rana says:

    The tip is nice 🙂
    I usually do F5 – Refresh.

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