Tip #1080: Setting KPIs for user adoption

After you deploy Dynamics 365, you will want to monitor how well your employees are using the system. Using tools like Microsoft Dynamics 365 Organization Insights you can monitor how active your users are, but that is only part of the user adoption story. In this tip, Tabetha Sheaver explains what you should consider to get a full picture of user adoption of Dynamics 365.

When determining CRM user adoption metrics consider these 3 KPI’ to measure:

1. Business Outcomes

Is the needle being moved on the business outcome you were trying to achieve when you originally purchased? (This is a lagging indicator but telling none the less. Focus on RESULTS not feelings.)

2. Usage

Are people using the system? – Measuring some objective areas like is the system user friendly and does it add value to the persons daily work activities can be done via surveys but you can also track people that have never logged on or only use it rarely to determine if its really worth paying for a license for them. If people aren’t using the system or are only using it for certain tasks it can indicate a system configuration issue or a training issue.

3. Data

Is the data accurate on an on-going basis? Are you collecting too much or too little data? What is the data that is being collected actually being used for?

Set KPI’s in each of these areas to measure user adoption success.


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