Tip #1076: Add all assets to your solution

A good observation from Nick “Benchpress” Doelman that, once you click Add All Assets when adding an entity to a solution, you won’t be able to remove any of the assets of that entity. Both, Add and Remove Components buttons will be gone.

The reason is fairly straightforward (though options could have been labelled better). Add All Assets does not simply mean “I want it all now!”, it implies the future as well, i.e. “I want it all now and forever”.

Add All Assets is like a super-vindictive ex-partner: gets all your assets after the divorce and still receives a slice of any future fortunes.

When Add All Assets option is checked, you no longer control assets of the entity, you just get them all. If someone else adds, say, a view, a form, or a field to the entity, you’ll get them in your solution as well. This is in a contrast with selecting some or even all components one by one where your solution won’t automatically get the future additions.

The components are easy to miss, make sure you test the solution export after crafting your selection. As Steve “Still an MVP” Mordue has pointed out, it’s possible to inherit some invalid attributes that would require a manual intervention.

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