Tip #1065: How to get clean Customer Service trial

When Neil “Agile” Benson installed a new Customer Service trial, he got more than he bargained for: Trial Site Map Customization, FreeTrialBaseSolution2, Trial for Field Service, Trial of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Project Service Automation, etc. And he didn’t select or want Field Service or Project Service Automation apps added either.

Why does the trial sign-up page (https://trials.dynamics.com/Dynamics365/Signup/service) ask what do you want to install and then ignore your request?

One might think that selecting None of the Above when asked during the trial provisioning would solve the problem and it does, but you don’t get access to Customer Service Hub or Sales Hub.

The steps to get the clean Customer Service trial that also includes new Unified Interface experience of the hubs:

  1. Start the trial. Unless you are Global Administrator, use admin trial signup and not your work email sign up
  2. Select None of the Above when asked what experience would you like
  3. Go to Dynamics 365 Administration Center, select instance, click Solutions
  4. Install required hub solutions
    Instance hubs

For differences between sign ups, managed vs unmanaged tenant, and how to become tenant admin, read Email Trial FAQs.

(Cover photo by Rick Mason on Unsplash)

One thought on “Tip #1065: How to get clean Customer Service trial

  1. Thanks CRM Tip of the Day. But where were you when I needed you? Please anticipate my failings before I fail in future 😉

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