Tip #1057: Voice of the Customer says “Don’t change your URL”

Jerry Weinstock found out the hard way that if you change your Dynamics 365 instance URL after you install Voice of the Customer, survey responses will not synchronize with Dynamics 365. Survey responses will still be captured in Azure, but they will not appear in Dynamics 365.

  • If you want to change your URL, do it before you install Voice of the Customer
  • If you have already installed Voice of the Customer, contact Dynamics 365 support.

One thought on “Tip #1057: Voice of the Customer says “Don’t change your URL”

  1. David Conti says:

    The same problem will happen in cloned environments.
    Refreshing UAT from Prod for example.

    Support’s standard answer is to uninstall VOC and reinstall it.
    For customers where this is not possible, you will need to get it from support through to the VOC team in Microsoft, they have been working on a process for resolving it (what they need to run and reset).

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