Tip #1050: Drink safely and drive in moderation

Who would have thought that the wild celebration of the 40 measly tips would turn into 4 years of searching, begging, stealing, and borrowing that next tip. I have to admit, on odd occasion the thought of having an intimate relationship with the daily routine did cross my mind but I’m glad that the team has thought otherwise, organized a timely intervention and persevered with this madness.

This year we celebrated tip 1,000 by performing a glorious victory song while dancing naked around a campfire in Nashville but not, to my surprise, tip 1024, which most of us would consider a rounder number to celebrate.

Happy 2018

It’s time to call it a day until the year of the brown earth dog (though Pantone seems to disagree on the annual color selection). In this festive season, beware of small objects in children’s hands and unsafe swimwear. Befriend someone who knows CPR and always remember the first tip. See you in 2018!

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