Tip #105: Can I remove SQL SysAdmin and Local Administrator permissions

A question that is frequently raised in large enterprise deployments of Microsoft Dynamics CRM is can the local administrator and SQL SysAdmin permissions be removed from the installing user after the installation. The answer is “yes, but…”

Yes, you may remove these permissions after the installation is complete. The user who performed the installation will be able to log into CRM without having these permissions.

But…keep in mind that when it comes time to install an update rollup, to perform the database update, the user installing the update will need to have SysAdmin privileges in SQL Server.

2 thoughts on “Tip #105: Can I remove SQL SysAdmin and Local Administrator permissions

  1. RobN says:

    It would be nice if Microsoft stated this in their documentation so revoking this permission would actually be supported. Better yet, if they defined a set of granular permissions so sysadmin wouldn’t need to be granted in the first place.

  2. cacheless says:

    exactly my friend I will go even so far why is sa privileges are needed to install CRM. if it is for convenience or necessity. it should be broke apart so there is a d-mark between app developer and DBAs. So much for POLP.

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