Tip #1019: Understand decimal precision in Dynamics 365

There are three places in Dynamics 365 that determine the number of decimal digits are displayed on money fields in Dynamics 365. If you find a money field is not behaving as expected, you need to know how these three settings work.

  1. Currency level: On the currency record, set the decimal precision. This will determine the default decimal precision to currency fields in CRM.

2. System Settings: In Settings>>Administration>>System Settings, there is a setting specific to pricing fields. If you set this to a different value than the currency default, fields like the unit price on quotes, opportunities, orders, and invoices will display the number of digits selected in settings.

3. Field level: when you create or edit the configuration of a money field, you can choose the currency default setting (the value selected in #1) or a different precision value.


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