Tip #1018: Automatically create Dynamics 365 records from Social Engagement

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One of the really cool features of Microsoft Social Engagement is the ability to automatically create records in CRM from social posts. However, you should be aware that there are several steps to make this work.

  • To automatically create D365 records from MSE posts, users must set auto create rules both in Social Engagement AND configure record create rules in D365. Simply setting MSE auto create rules for specific entities like Cases to active does not automatically create a Case, it only automatically creates a Social Activity in D365.
  • This seems crazy to me—why would you have to set up specific entities for auto record create in MSE, then? But that’s when I read this caveat in the documentation:

So you have to set up this…

…AND this

One thought on “Tip #1018: Automatically create Dynamics 365 records from Social Engagement

  1. Lee says:

    Thanks for sharing…since Social Engagement is no longer available, is there still a way to have D365 auto create case when someone post on facebook page?

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