Tip #1001: Migrate Parature to Dynamics 365

Microsoft recently announced that Parature will be discontinued on May 18, 2017. To help their customers who currently use Parature, Microsoft is providing a toolkit which includes:

  • A data migration tool to migrate accounts, contacts, cases (tickets), knowledge base articles, and files;

  • Portal templates you can choose from to quickly deploy a modern support portal; and

  • A customer service configuration template, which includes out of the box workflows, fields and other configurations.

Based on information posted on the Parature website, the toolkit will be available on October 9, 2017, however at this time it is not yet available for download.

Want other options? Our friends at KingswaySoft have a great Parature SSIS integration Toolkit that can be used to migrate your Parature data to Dynamics 365 or to other systems.


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