Tip #10: Use mouse wheel to navigate the sitemap

Sitemap navigation has dramatically changed in CRM 2013 with horizontal layout replacing classical sitemap tree of CRM 2011. If group contains large number of subareas, horizontal scrolling is added. Large and shiny 24″+ monitors with high resolutions just compound the issue if you need to get to the rightmost item in a large group. Mouse pointer all the way to the right, then click on a tiny horizontal scroll arrow, then all the way back to the required item that managed to scroll past the pointer.

I trust that your mouse does have a scrolling wheel that you’ve been using to scroll web pages and documents. Turns out, the very same wheel will scroll the sitemap group right and left as you rotate the wheel down and up. Move mouse over the group name (e.g. Sales), group will expand (no click required), move the mouse pointer just few pixels down so that it’s within the group boundaries and when rotate the wheel. See?

If your mouse does not have a scrolling wheel, do your wrist a favor and buy a good cordless scrolling mouse. Not too large so it requires a mini power station, and not too small so that you can use more than two fingers to move it. I personally believe that Logitech M705 is the one they use in heaven (probably because the batteries lasts an eternity).

And remember, if mouse pointer movements are jerky and mouse does not feel responsive then either it needs new batteries or the surface is too glossy. Laser mice don’t like shiny tables, and don’t work at all on glass. Test it by moving mouse over your knee, if it works fine, then you need a mouse pad a.k.a piece of paper, otherwise change the batteries.

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