Tip #305: Missing Users

After you CRM 2015 upgrade, the users, teams, and roles should now appear in the Settings area under “Security Management.” However, what should you do if the new security management section is missing? Create a solution containing your sitemap and export it out. Edit the sitemap  and add the following subarea to the settings area: […]

Tip #166: Become role customizer ninja

Role Editor

If you frequently modify security role and your wrist hurts because of all tiny mouse movements, there are some undocumented explicit links on the role dialog that could make your life much easier. Clicking on the entity name (e.g. Account) will cycle all privileges for this entity (i.e. Create, Read, etc) through all access levels […]

Tip #165: 1:1 with security twist

Usability of 1:1 relationships stretches far beyond UI candy. They can become a very useful tool that secures parts of the same logical record. For example, financial services company might use account entity to hold information about their customers but due to Chinese walls within the company, investment manager should not be able to access […]

Tip #57: Secure Real-time Workflow Execution

Real-time Workflows

Executing real-time workflows has it’s own security setting. It is in addition to and separate from executing a background workflow. Open up the security role, move the Customization tab, scroll down to Miscellaneous Privileges and assign the appropriate scope. FacebookTwitterGoogle+

Tip #19: How to hide a form

The only way to hide a form in CRM 2011 is to remove all security roles from the form. CRM 2013 adds ability to deactivate the form making it unavailable to all users. As expected, form list command bar now has Activate/Deactivate buttons to toggle the status. The buttons are “dumb”, they recognize neither the […]