Tip #941: Limit who can change the stage of a process flow

A client recently asked me about the ability to limit who can move an opportunity out of the “propose” stage. They would like to only allow sales managers to move to the next stage of the business process flow.

Knowing that Dynamics 365 does not limit stage movement by role, I reached out to some of my MVP friends. The following were their suggestions:

David Yack: Create a required step at the end of the stage and use FLS to limit that field being updated to the sales managers.

Daryl LaBar: You may be able to prevent users to change the stage using JavaScript, but you could always use a plugin that is registered on the update of the stage of the entity and prevent it if the user is doesn’t have the correct role.

Neil Benson: Promote all users to sales manager. While you could go with your well-considered technical options, is that really going to be less expensive that just adjusting the salary of every sales rep and making them a sales manager? I think my idea will be more popular with the users and lead to higher adoption and praise for Joel.

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