Tip #845: Store Dynamics 365 file attachments in Azure Blob storage

Apparently our friends at Microsoft Research have heard Neil Benson’s eloquent explanation of storage costs in Tip #553, as they have released a solution called Attachment Management in AppSource. This solution moves note and email attachments to Azure blob storage, where storage costs are cheaper than Dynamics 365 storage.

The solution includes a plugin called AzureAttachments which handles creation of the attachment in Azure when a note or email attachment is added to Dynamics 365, deletion of the file in Dynamics after the file has been created in Azure blob storage, deletion of the attachment from Azure blob storage if the corresponding note or activity are deleted from Dynamics 365, and retrieval of the attachments when the attachment is requested in Dynamics 365.

Deploying the solution requires an Azure storage account and registration of plugin steps, so be sure that you have the necessary licenses and access to the plugin registration tool.

So now that this solution is available, is there still a place for third party attachment extractor tools? The answer is yes–if you want to store attachments someplace else than Azure Blob storage (such as SharePoint), or if you have many existing attachments that you wish to move to a different location (not just new attachments going forward). Also, keep in mind that this is the first release of this solution, so there may be some rough edges.

But it is great to have a standard Microsoft option that leverages Azure Blob storage, and the solution has some nice functionality, such as an optional web resource to allow users to upload multiple attachments simultaneously.

For more information, see the Attachment Management user guide.

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6 thoughts on “Tip #845: Store Dynamics 365 file attachments in Azure Blob storage

  1. Andre Margono says:

    Just a caveat from the AppSource listing: Microsoft Labs does not offer an ongoing customer support for this solution.

  2. In documentation it says it’s only working for D365 online. This kind of solution could works on-premise as well.

    Is someone tested it on an on-premise installation?

  3. Ross Guthrie says:

    Does anyone know if it will relocate existing attachments or will it only move files from the day it was installed?

    • Deepak Mehta says:

      The document tells that it is event driven. They have plugins on various events that do all the stuff. There is no service that will do the movement of files for existing attachments etc.
      So, it will start from the day it is installed and configured properly.

  4. Katina Hester says:

    Have noticed that if you delete the attachment from a note without deleting the note, the corresponding attachment does not get deleted in Azure with this solution. Even if you delete the note later the attachment will remain. Could lead to unused artifacts left over in your blob storage.

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