Tip #819: Project Services Lead to Opportunity

Today’s tip is from Matt “Almost Resident” Johnson.

I recently came across this little conundrum when progressing a Lead through to Opportunity. Maybe this will save someone else a head scratching moment or two.

If you convert a Lead to Opportunity by pressing the Qualify button. It will work but the Opportunity it creates will use the “Opportunity” form which doesn’t have all the Project Service functionality on it, even if you’ve got the “Project Information” form set as your default. If you try and change the form to the “Project Information” form, it will just jump right back to the “Opportunity” form.

Turns out there’s a new field on near the bottom of the Lead form in Details section called Type. You need to change that to “Work based” and then when you Qualify the Lead it will use the correct “Project Information” form.

PSA lead to opportunity

Hope that helps someone.

It most certainly will! – t.j

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2 thoughts on “Tip #819: Project Services Lead to Opportunity

  1. Thomas Sandsør says:

    Saved me some time. Could you also write a short one from oppty with project lines to project best practices? I haven’t understood the automatic process that Ms wants.

  2. Manu says:

    Thanks for this! I had struggled for weeks without a solution and thought I had lost my mind!

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