Tip #666: Don’t break the law with the portals

Don't be evil by sending promotional SMSI rarely read terms of service but something jumped at me when trying to install the portal solution:

The license terms for the Online Service apply to your use of this supplement, except as follows:

Customer is explicitly prohibited from using the supplement to design and transmit promotional SMS messages either via the Twilio integration feature or as otherwise may be possible.

Why is transmission of promotional SMS messages explicitly prohibited?

One of the portal modules is SMS messaging included to support two factor authentication. And the supplied out-of-the-box provider is Twilio (don’t get too excited – you still need to supply paid account). Twilio has restrictions against using their service for promotional/spam messages to comply with the relevant anti-spam laws. And so does every other reputable SMS provider.

Twilio or not, but the license terms reinforce that the team doesn’t want to be enabling customers to use their product to break the law.

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