Tip #70: 5 ways to make your CRM environment more lovable

We love CRM

Happy Valentine’s Day. If you are like me, you love CRM. But as with any relationship, sometimes there are things that can cause issues with the relationship. The following are some good tips on how to make the relationship between your Microsoft Dynamics CRM environment and its users more harmonious. Make forms easier to navigate. […]

Tip #68: Do you know this woman?

Annoying prompt to watch the video

I have nothing personal against this woman but the dialog started to annoy me to no extent. The problem is that visibility of the dialog is controlled via cookie so even if you check the box “Don’t show me this again”, you will see it again if you clear your cookies, use another device, or use […]

Tip #66: Error running Transition wizard

Yellow Screen of Death when running Transition wizard

If you have CRM Online orgnanization that still uses Live ID authentication, by now you would have received an email reminder that opens with: Our records show you have not completed the Transition wizard. Completion of the Transition wizard is necessary to move your Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online subscription to the Microsoft online services environment. […]