Tip #712: How to add a spacer to CRM Business Process Flow

Tile spacersWith so many tips to share, Daryl “New MVP on the block” LaBar is on a fast track to become one of our resident tipsters. Here is another good one.

The CRM form designer has a spacer control allowing to achieve some finesse in the form layout. This feature is sorely missing in CRM Business Process Flows, but the good the news is that you can implement your own space with no coding required!

You can read the original illustrated guide, or this reader’s digest version:

  • Pick up an unused field. Created By (Delegate) is a good choice.
  • Add this field as a step in the Business Process Flow.
  • Add a business rule to unconditionally hide this field.
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One thought on “Tip #712: How to add a spacer to CRM Business Process Flow

  1. Love it! Very simple and cool.

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